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Pindad signed another MoU on the development of 8x8 vehicles, this time with an UAE company. I thought they are partnering with Excalibur on this with Pandur, so what's this for? They're developing a brand new vehicle? I doubt it. Maybe PT Pindad is trying to find a supplier? Maybe anyone with insight to the business side of things can give some clarification.

Sandhi Yudha

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Sandhi Yudha

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Photos of TNI-AD/Indonesian army Pandur II 8×8 vehicles start to appear on internet.
It is unclear to me if these are newly delivered Pandurs or the four Pandur II vehicles delivered in 2017.

|"Four Pandurs II 8x8 CZ were received by Indonesia military already back in September 2017, and the vehicle in standard IFV configuration has been presented during Indo Defence 2018 (held from 7th till 10th November in Jakarta). It carries the Ares UT30MK2 unmanned turret mounted with a 30mm cannon; two vehicles are fitted with a Remote Weapons Station mounted with 12.7mm machine gun, and the last vehicle is a Fire Support Vehicle (FSV) fitted with the CMI Defence 105mm turret. All four vehicles have been trialled in Indonesia."|

Also the FGM-148 Javelin is being used during Super Garudashield 2022

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