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Day 2 of Korean MADEX in Busan.
Showing Belhara or Zumwalt style hulls in KDDX from Hyundai.
Also their version of LPH call LPX2 which shown progressive development of Dokdo with skyjump for F-35B

So far no mention on potential CATOBAR carrier. This is so far seems confirm with ROK media on what they are looking so far still with SVTOL capabilities on their Dokdo development.
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Can someone please inform me of how the Sejong the Great class ships are performing?

- I've been unable to find much information on these ships.


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Xavier Naval News 3rd day edition of MADEX. Focus on LIG (part of LG group) products of Guided Rockets, SSM, SAM, Guided Torpedoes and decoys, VLS modules and Electronics-Sensors.

ROKN already used their indigenous VLS combine with MK41. In fact Korean already offering their VLS to export market, as cheaper alternative from US MK41 or Euro Sylver VLS system.


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A short piece on SK’s future destroyer discussing its IEP system selection. A revised version of the T-45 system using GE turbines. Would like to see a joint CAN/AUS/UK future 10,000+ ton destroyer with MT30s in an IEP configuration for laser and rail guns.