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I started playing at 8.6, what did they do to nerf arty?
I am not sure specifically as I haven't played WoT in months because of WoWP but I watch Pro WoT games such as the Russian Golden League and WGLNA and before 8.6 each team had at least one arty and since I haven't seen a single arty in a pro game. Not to mention all the forums for all three games have been bussing with it. I need to play and check but apparently arty is useless right now.

No complaints from me as I was a little annoyed alwasy getting squashed by the arty (It was kinda overpwered) but I don't think they needed to nerf it that bad.

You should be able to find the 8.6 Update Notes online.


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I have an M7 Priest and I'm ok with it.

I stopped using it due to most people I play with (random games) don't have a clue when it comes to tactics. I (and other) arty's would be sitting in the back and trying to direct scouts, manage defensive postures, etc.... and then a light tank would come zipping in through the flank and kill us all because nobody could be bothered to stand guard on the flanks.

You are correct in that 8.6 introduced a bunch of Arty related changes:



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I was more of a fan of the German tech tree, got up to the Panzer III Ausf. A and then just got really bored of it because I was too tight fisted to pay for it and didn't totally understand the game mechanics :smash

Now my internet speed is alright again I might get back into it.


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Yeah a lot of pubs don't know anything about tactics. When you get to about tier 6/7 some players know a little about tactics but unless you play clan wars (I don't) no onw knows anything about tactics.
You are so right about a majority of players being clueless about tactics and situational awareness. After reading about this game here I decided to give it a go and man its quite fun, problem is I'm a tier 2 tank destroyer and generally sit back camouflaged and try to snipe at enemy tanks when they appear however I often get taken in the flanks as the more mobile tanks go off charging into the blue, so I kinda changed tactics and guard the flanks, then the enemy comes down the centre in echelon and take me out as a 37mm main gun is basically a pea shooter, can't wait to upgrade to a 75mm, guess I'm hooked.


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New game for all you defense aficionados (or offense as the case may be). For those who remember Harpoon 3, this is like it only better.

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations : Warfare Sims

Apparently, these guys were even contacted by some navy guy to make a military version for the military. To conduct war scenarios. This game covers air, naval and space warfare to very high detail and an abstract version of land warfare.

Also, I must mention a mod for wargame airland battle called Wargame: 1984.
This takes a game and makes it quite authentic.
Wargame: 1984 (v0.4) : Modding

Give it a spin :)


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what do younall think about the game "Jane's 688i" by Sonalyst.. is it more on the accurate side (when playing with no assist) or more gamey like instead of simulation like..


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Can you help me correct this defense plan?

I defend my base with a Flag Guardian, Interior Defense and Exterior Defense.
Two interior defenders and three exterior defenders and two skilled Flag Guardians. The problem is the enemy has a larger force and i'm afraid they will cut my reinforcements off is there a solution to this problem? I have a picture of my defense plan.

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I liked "lock on" back then, should get DCS and some modules when I'm thinking about it.. hope they'll make tank modules.

Warthunder is pretty fun too!

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Been playing a lot of Insurgency on steam lately, Got in with a good group of guys and girls from clan [REDeye]. Good clan that actually practices ROE's, tactics and leadership. Much as I love my run and gun still great working with and having the back of a team mate while they also have yours.
ok guys since we have a IT forum..what better place to post your games playing info than this thread?? ok the current game i am playin is command and conquer generals..and i have been playing medieval total war..

command and comquer is an awesome game cos its using real style tanks and heli's etc..

and medieval is cool coz you can fight in the crusades!! and fight the infidels!!! lol..hahaha..
I play different games on pc and mobiles but i hear about command and comquer game i will also play this game let me more know.