Movies that has to do with military


The finnish movie Tali-Ihantala 1944 was better than thought. :)
Oh, forgot to add what i liked.
This movie is plain. No "feeling" what so ever. They managed to make war seem so dull, dark and grey... "an everyday experience". That's what i loved about Tali-Ihantala 1944. The combat scenes are scarcely realistic.

It also feature REAL TANKS of the time. No fake chassis here. ;)


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lessee here...

They Died with their boots on
Zulu Dawn
The Beast
Doctor Strangelove, I suppose it might not quite be a standard war film, but its such a wonderful film, Slim Pickens riding the bomb down to oblivion especially. Peter Sellers playing multiple roles. James Earl Jones first film too.

Breaker Morant
On the Beach
The Sand Pebbles

when it comes to sea epics if you want camp, get Pirates of the Carribean, if you want a good serious sea story, get Master and Commander. both excellent films in their own ways
Kellys Heroes, always a personal favorite, i think Donald Sutherland stole the show.


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My votes:

Master and Commander (A movie which seriously investigates what the sailing ships of the time were like. Meatball surgery, terrible food & teeth, and terrifying cannonballs!).

Band of Brothers is great.

Generation Kill is a great, and very accurate, look at one unit's POV of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

If you want 'war as horror', then 'Come and See' is possibly the most disturbing war film ever made.

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9th Company - Story of Russian soldiers defending a strategic position in Afghanistan
Days Of Glory - French Colonials fighting against the Germans in WW2
Saints & Soldiers - Battle of the Bulge US troops behind enemy lines trying to get to safety
Over There - TV Series based on the American forces in Iraq kinda like Band of brothers


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"The 13 days" on 1962 Cuban Crisis is one of the best movie, not specifically on actual war scenes but a lot about the way crisis situations are handled in Pentagona and White House.

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No one has mentioned M*A*S*H yet? Wartime Army humor.

Patton won an Oscar for Best Picture. Based on Bradley's book. George C. Scott shines as Patton.

I enjoyed Midway! CINCPAC, Chester Nimitz is best played by Henry Fonda. He did In Harms Way as well.

Throughly uplifting is The Battle of Britain. The star of the show is the Spitfire.

However, my favorite is Sink the Bismarck. Its uplifting.

The best show showing political realities is The Last Bastion. Australia unprepared for world war faces a Japanese threat.