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A short article discussing the US army options for a UH-60 replacement. Each design has merits but the Valor 280 seems to be progressing at a faster rate. IMO, the outcome might be similar to the USN’s LCS program, select both designs. Unlike the naval decision, a split buy might be correct although more expensive.Beyond The Black Hawk: Defiant Vs. Valor


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The Puolustusministeriö Finnish defence Ministry) procurement team responsible for running the HX Fighter competition to replace the Ilmavoimat (Finnish Air Force) F-18 C/D Hornets expect all 5 contenders to remain until the end of the competition. However they said that the flight trials showed that not all of the manufacturers claimed specifications were met.

The aircraft being tested are:
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Boeing F-18 E/F
  • SAAB Gripen E/F
  • Lockheed Martin F-35A
  • Dassault Rafale
What was not stated was which aircraft had what shortcomings Finns Analyzing Fighter Trials Data | Aviation Week Network. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this competition is. Interestingly is the fact that in the end only 2 of F35 could fly, with one of them having mechanical problems and had to be withdrawn. The Finns were somewhat perplexed that the F-35 contingent of 4 aircraft required 2 x C17A and tankers to provide logistical support. One the other hand the 2 x F-18s cross the pond with a KC-10 tanker in support.


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It was scheduled for July so this is further evidence that COVID-19 restrictions will be around for sometime yet.
Or like the potential cancelation of the 2020 Olympics. Eventough at the time of Olympics the COVID 19 considered will be under control, however many of the preparation will be behind schedule.