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Ok, so events in Libya are heating up. This thread is for all things pertaining to continuing war in Libya, including foreign involvement.

Sirt has falled to Haftar's forces, allegedly due to the betrayal of one of the groups defending it.

Осел груженный золотом зашел в Сирт
Войска Хафтара взяли Сирт

Footage of alleged Russian PMCs in Libya.


Haftar's forces have captured some of the Khrizantema ATGMs supplied by Russia to the Libyan government. They also captured the command point for Turkish Bayaraktar UAVs recently used by the General National Congress.

В Ливии войска фельдмаршала Хафтара захватили "Хризантему"
Ливийская Национальная Армия захватила командный пункт управления БЛА Bayraktar западнее Сирта

Haftar's forces used a Chinese UAV, the Wing Loong, to strike military college studets in Tripoli, killing 28 and wounding 35.

Поражение китайской управляемой ракетой Blue Arrow 7 с БЛА Wing Loong II группы курсантов в Триполи

A Libyan National Army Pantsyr SAM has shot down a Bayraktar UAV flown by GNC forces. This is at least the second downing in recent days.

Turkish EW and air defense troops are arriving in Libya.

The Turks have allegedly rebuilt a landing strip in Tripoli to support Turkish operations in Libya.

The parliament of Eastern Libya has voted to cease all cooperation with Turkey.


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A temporary ceasefire has been proposed in Libya, following negotiations between Putin and Erdogan. Putin has also admitted that Russian PMCs "might" be taking part in hostilities in Libya, but has stated that they are not affiliated with the Russian state. Negotiations between Sarandzh from the GNC and Khaftar from the LNA are now taking place in Moscow. We will likely see some de-escalation of hostilities, and there's a good chance that military failures from both sides have contributed to this negotiation. Khaftar has failed to take Tripoli despite a lengthy and coordinated push, while the GNC recently lost Sirt, with some of its own forces turning traitor. It's noteworthy that before this, Khaftar declined a ceasefire.

В Москве начались переговоры по Ливии
Фельдмаршал Хафтар уже в Москве на переговорах с Сарраджем о прекращении огня в Ливии

Turkish troops are reported among the second line of GNC forces near Tripoli.

Турецкие войска на ливийских фронтах


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Makes you wonder what Erdogan is up to and how other regional powers such as Egypt will react
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Some updates.

So a ceasefire was not signed in Moscow, due to some last minute issues on the part of Khaftar. A conference has taken place in Berlin, as well as bi-lateral Russo-Turkish talks. It's possible that Russia would like to make arrangements similar to the Syrian ones, but in Libya. It will likely be some time before we can see what this means in practice. In the meantime we have a fairly anemic resolution pushing for a political resolution of the crisis.

Берлинским соглашениям нет альтернативы
Российско-турецкие переговоры в Берлине
Конференция по Ливии
Генерал Хафтар покинул Москву, не подписав соглашение о перемирии в Ливии
Улетел не подписав

In the meantime, fighters from Syria are turning up in Libya, likely as Turkish proxies. For Russia and Assad this could be a convenient way to get rid of those fighters, and for Turkey a good way to make use of them, instead of simply having them ground down by Russian airstrikes and the slow SAA offensive.

Some photos of GNC fighters near the fronlines around Tripoli.

The LNA has captured some Turkish armored cars in their offensive.


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4 Turkish frigates have been spotted off the coast of Libya, and there are reports that Turkish armor has been offloading in Tripoli.

Эскадра ВМС Турции из четырех фрегатов уже на рейде Триполи
Турция под прикрытием фрегатов своих ВМС начинает поставки в Ливию тяжелой бронетехники

The GNC appears to have shot down a Wing Loong UAV operated by the LNA, near Misrata. The exchange of UAV strikes and UAV shoot-downs is really something. In my opinion it shows how even a relatively low-tech force can maintain relatively sophisticated aerial capabilities.

Триполитанцы сбили под Мисратой БЛА Wing Loong 2 Ливийской национальной армии


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Turkey is getting involved deeper in Libya.

Turkey has published the names of 3 service member killed in Libya including one major general. Some sources claim as many as 16 have died.

Мученики из Триполи

GNC forces have shot down a Russian Orlan-10 UAV. This is likely evidence of continued Russian PMC operations.


Khaftar has declared a no-fly zone over Tripoli, though its unclear that this is much different from what was going on prior. But its part of a pattern, as he has also blocked oil exports from Libya.

Turkish AAA has shown up in Tripoli. This step is badly needed considering the continued use of UCAVs by both sides.

Some footage of the cargo the Turks have brought to Tripoli, including IFVs and SP Arty.

The Tripoli airport is now taking artillery fire.мир/армия-хафтара-обстреляла-аэропорт-триполи-из-установки-град-/1710309

Khaftar's shelling has also hit a warehouse in the port, right next to a Turkish ship. It was initially reported as a strike against the ship itself.

Ukrainian aircraft appear to be involved in carrying cargo from the UAE to Libya.

Khaftar's forces are deploying new-looking Kornet-E ATGMs.


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A New York Times article on General Khalifa Belqasim Haftar even if they do spell his name wrong, A Police State With an Islamist Twist: Inside Hifter’s Libya, which means that I wonder what else is incorrect with the article. If the article is half correct, then Hafter is reverting to Ghadaffi style rule which doesn't bode well for the future of Libya. Unfortunately this will be nothing unusual within the region because of European and US interference in the region during the last 3 centuries, In the Middle East, a new military crescent is in the making, but more so in the last 100 years. Now with Erdogan sticking his nose into Libya's affairs on the Tripoli side Turkey's Erdogan confirms sending Syrian fighters to Libya, and Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others supporting Haftar, this is just a continuation of the the old interference with new actors added.

Timeline: Haftar's months-long offensive to seize Tripoli