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Except India's reaction to failures of their own procurement process is typically to initiate a small-medium sized purchase of something they already operate, as a stop-gap measure, without proceeding to the deep systematic reforms that they need.
....stop-gap, like buying used classic Hornets. At least India buys new kit, albeit in quantities that are insufficient.


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Indian Jaguars were scheduled for an engine upgrade long ago. RR offered a relatively cheap, simple, quick to implement & proven upgrade of existing engines, saying that the expected lifetime of the aircraft made it the most appropriate & cost-effective solution. Most other manufacturers declined to bid. India changed the terms to require new-build engines, & RR withdrew. That left one contender, Honeywell, offering a newer, lighter, higher thrust engine - but the rules required a competition. Eventually a single vendor bid was deemed acceptable & Honeywell got the deal, but ten years in (last year - 2019), the upgrade was cancelled over cost. Not just the engines, but the extensive work needed to fit them, weight & dimensions being different, unlike the drop-in RR offer. RR had pointed that out when it all began, & other potential suppliers seem to have agreed, hence their lack of interest in bidding engines which were theoretically superior to the Jag's old Adours.

I wasn't aware of any of that - thanks for posting, cheered me up no end. Oddly, Honeywell were at the opposite end of the scale for Nimrod as they did offer an engine with the same thrust as the existing Speys but with much better fuel consumption, that would drop in with no wing box - that was turned down in favour of the wing box fiasco we're familiar with.