Fake News


The aftermath of the events at Charlottesville are extremely disturbing. Trump is blatantly aiding and abetting White Supremacists, Neo Nazis and other fascistic.groups. He remains defiant despite widespread criticism. Let's see if he takes a hit in the polls specially among Republicans where he still enjoys strong support. Trumo is betting that this will blow over like previous controversies. Many top Republicans refuse to call him out by name and shamelessly see no moral conflict associating with him.

John Fedup

The Bunker Group
Republican House and Senate members have long been silent on Trump's antics largely out of fear of his general support amongst party members and his core. Although the core is holding so far there are signs rank and file members are concerned. When this group wavers, the seat holders will be enboldened. Combine this with his zero legislative accomplishments means trouble.

It will be interesting to see how much more his new chief of staff can endure. Kelly comes from an environment where discipline is critical, the opposite of where he now finds himself.


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There are companies out there now specializing in news fact-check and offer packages to corporations that are willing to pay. I worked with a such company recently -- very smart people with very interesting big-data use cases. For some "fake news" is a problem, for others, it is a money making opportunity.