Covid-19 pandemic & Fake News - How you can help


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Member banned for failing to meet Moderator requirements for providing proof, as well as fearmongering regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. Also it be apparent by now that the Moderator team really has no tolerance or sense of humor when people advocate taking actions which would result in the deaths of millions.

Post deleted for failing to meet standards set that positions must be justified. Member banned permanently as yet another COVID is not real claim.

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Some real news. Been feeling rough, & I have a nasty cough. Wife suggested a covid test. +ve. Then another +ve. Bugger.
Bugger, get well soon ! I've not actually had covid (or at least, not been ill and had a positive test) - at least not yet. Friends have had it two or three times.


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Looks as if most of my symptoms are from a probably bacterial respiratory infection. The covid may be asymptomatic, or may account for the fatigue & mild muscle aches. For now, I've been given antibiotics & told to isolate, rest & keep warm & well-hydrated.