Su-25 Frogfoot - Russian Air Force

A Syrian rebel group said it shot down a government warplane on Tuesday and captured its pilot alive near a ceasefire zone in the war-ravaged country’s south.

The Ahmad al-Abdo Forces shot down the Syrian government MiG-21 near Wadi Mahmud in the southern province of Sweida, the group’s communications head Fares al-Munjed told AFP.

“The pilot is in our hands. He is injured and being treated,” Munjed said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitor, confirmed the rebel faction had shot down the plane and captured its wounded pilot.

According to Munjed, the area where the aircraft was downed is outside a ceasefire zone negotiated last month by the United States, Russia and Jordan.

Parts of Daraa, Quneitra, and Sweida provinces are included in the agreement, which has brought relative quiet to the zone though some violence has been reported.

Days after the deal went into effect, the Ahmad al-Abdo Forces hit a Syrian government jet but it landed safely in regime-controlled territory.

Munjed said his group had used a “23 millimeter anti-aircraft gun” to down the warplane on Tuesday.

“We will take care to treat the captured pilot in accordance with international law,” he told AFP.

The rebel group’s leadership was still debating what would happen to the pilot after his treatment, he said.

More than 330,000 people have been killed in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011 with anti-government protests.

Multiple attempted ceasefires, including nationwide truces, have failed to bring a long-term end to the war.

  • Aussie Andrew

    The islamic terrorists shot down the plane with Uncle Sam's equipment and assistance.
    Under international law USA should stay at home, it has Fkd up the entire middle east since 911 when it went after the wrong country; 12 Saudis flew those planes.
    Russia and China are rising and Uncle Sam can't even tackle Little Kim in North Korea because China has an agreement with N.Korea made years ago that an attack on one is an attack on the other….
    eat your heart out NATO, you've been outplayed and can't attack Kim because 300,000 Yanks in S.Korea and Japan will fry if you try anything.
    Beside; China has more than your measure now in the East China Sea; read all about it in your Rand Corporation Evaluation of USA & Japan V China in the East China Sea; times have changed and it is now a multi-polar world boys. Putin and Xi have the measure of you now.

    • Curtis Conway

      Uncle Sam's equipment? “23 millimeter anti-aircraft gun”? Explain.

    • steve

      You don't even sound Aussie – you talk like a citizen of China..