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feed-icon-12x12-orange RSS Feeds Defense News (feed for news section and all sub categories below)

News RSS/XML feeds according to the topic

feed-icon-12x12-orange RSS Feeds Defence Forum (feed for defence forum topics and all forums below)

Forum RSS/XML feeds according to the topic

  • General Defense
  • Air Force Forum feed
  • Army Forum feed
  • Navy Forum feed
  • Defense Technology Forum feed
  • Missiles, Bombs & WMD Forum feed
  • Military Strategy & Tactics Forum Feed
  • Military MediaForum feed

feed-icon-12x12-orange RSS Feeds Military Pictures (feed for the military pictures gallery updates and all categories in it)

Pictures RSS/XML feeds according to the category

  • U.S. Military
  • British Military
  • Russian Military
  • Chinese Military
  • Pakistani Military
  • Indian Military
  • French Military
  • NATO Countries
  • Rest of the World
  • Wallpapers & Art
  • Air Shows
  • Defense Shows
  • Military Exercises
  • World Wars

We will be adding detailed list of feeds for other sections very soon, please check back later.

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