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    The best strategy to defending Singapore Island

    Just to gain experience and mind sharing. As all of us know, Singapore nowadays can being consider the most modern army in South East Asia. With a stable economy and politics, add with good relation with most of NATO nation especially US, British & Israel. However, with land area only...
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    Singaporean Leopard 2A4s debut in Australia

    Should be interesting to see a comparison between the Abrams and Leo2 in a tropical environment.
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    RSN capabilities

    Anyone knows what is the development plan for RSN over the next 5-10 years? It was speculated that out Victory covettes will be replaced with a larger and more capable stealth frigates in the next several years. And as mentioned the next 5-10 years will be a modernisation plans for a...
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    Military Non-fiction

    A few of my favorite nonfiction titles are: (In order by author) Bevin Alexander - How Wars are Won Mark Bowden - Black Hawk Down Tom Clancy - Shadow Warriors Tom Clancy - Special Forces Robin Moore - The Hunt for bin Laden Linda Robinson - Masters of Chaos I would have to say...
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    Republic of Singapore Air Force Discussions

    According to feeds from AFP, Singapore has chosen the F-15 as it's next generation fighter aircraft. It is now in final negotiations with Boeing with respect to numbers, logistical support etc. More news as it comes to hand...