1. Cifu1978

    Booklets from Molnibalage about Air-defense

    Molnibalage make several really good booklets about the air defense systems, here I try to cover them all: S-25 S-75 family S-200 family S-300 family IADS / GCI systems of the Cold War Nike family and BOMARC HAWK Patriot Air defense at the XXI. century S-125 vs. F-117 2K11 Krug 2K12 Kub 9K33...
  2. Cifu1978

    Patriot SAM system description booklet by Molnibalage

    Molnibalage make a small booklet about the Patriot system: Click Here This is the translation of the long Hungarian book what Molnibalage made in cooperation with other guys for ex. with Hpaps, he is well known for the SamSim. This is the whole, in Hungarian: Click here It's a same like the...
  3. D

    Being an American?

    Please tell me what you think. [Mod Edit: Rant deleted] Watch at least past the beginning...
  4. I am an American

    I am an American