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Booklets from Molnibalage about Air-defense

Discussion in 'Missiles & WMDs' started by Cifu1978, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. Cifu1978

    Cifu1978 New Member

    Dec 27, 2017
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    Molnibalage make several really good booklets about the air defense systems, here I try to cover them all:

    S-75 family
    S-200 family
    S-300 family
    IADS / GCI systems of the Cold War
    Nike family and BOMARC
    Air defense at the XXI. century
    S-125 vs. F-117
    2K11 Krug
    2K12 Kub
    9K33 Osa
    9K331 Tor
    9K37M1 Buk

    New booklets:

    9K81 / 9K81M alias S-300V/VM

    Download directory:

    Download Directory @ Mediafire

    This is the translation of the long Hungarian book what Molnibalage made in cooperation with other guys for ex. with Hpaps, he is well known for the SamSim.
    This is the whole, in Hungarian:click here

    Because these chapters (booklets) just a part of a big book are some parts in the document which refer to content of the book in other chapters. Slowly the whole book will be translated, but it could take years to finish it.

    Have a good reading! [​IMG]
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