1. RAF Guard

    RAF Guard

    An RAF Regiment gunner guards several Harrier jump jets at nighttime with his bullpup rifle.
  2. Harrier Prep

    Harrier Prep

    An RAF Harrier prep during nighttime.
  3. Tornado GR4 Sunset

    Tornado GR4 Sunset

    An RAF Tornado GR4 at sunset.
  4. Tornado GR4 Night

    Tornado GR4 Night

    A marshal waves an RAF Tornado GR4 at nighttime.
  5. Night Harrier

    Night Harrier

    A fully loaded British Harrier jump jet at nightime.
  6. Red Arrows- RAF display team

    Red Arrows- RAF display team

    The talented and well known Red Arrows of the Royal Air Force practicing over the United Kingdom. Copyright MoD.
  7. AH-64D Apache Longbow- Helicopter Gunship

    AH-64D Apache Longbow- Helicopter Gunship

    A British Apache AH-64 Longbow gunship firing rockets during a training exercise. The Longbow version of the Apache can be distinguished by the presence of the huge radar dome on top of the rotors. Copyright MoD.
  8. Land Rover patrol

    Land Rover patrol

    A British land rover patrol. Copyright MoD.
  9. Infantryman


    A British Infantryman in Iraq. Copyright MoD.
  10. Chinook- Heavy lift helicopter

    Chinook- Heavy lift helicopter

    An RAF Chinook heavy lift chopper during training in the United Kingdom.