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    armed forces on a budget

    Not sure if this has been asked yet. would like peoples views on the following. if you were given a small budget to re-equip or start an armed force. what would you buy/equip them with??? I know first thing people will ask is how small a budget, so think of it in terms of having to equip your...
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    Indian Defence Budget

    Does anyone know (it must be soon) when the new Indian defence budget is released? I need it to finish this report for work. Anyone interested in discussing how well they think India's military spending plans are going to go is most welcome too! Personally, I'm quite sceptical about...
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    Will Congress cut US Military Budget in 2011?

    I have been reading a lot of stuff on the internet mostly rumors saying the new Congress will cut not only the defense budget but also the overall size of the US military therefor weakening it. What ever happened to the plan to keep defense spending at current levels with 1-2% annual increases...
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    Singapore Raises Budget

    Singapore will increase defence spending by 6.0 per cent from a year ago. The government intends to spend $11.45 billion on defence during the 2009 fiscal year. Admin: Text deleted. Please contact the webmaster if you want to advertise on this site.