why WMDs are not a tech focus and the fix

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I figured out why WMDs are not a USA tech focus. Many AI researchers after WW2 were not loyal to addressing risks, but the main reason for the lack of foresight today is Asimov. He knew of WWI WMDs. He made his stories to ignore these risks I assume because of Stalin. He wanted the USA to fast-forward weaponry. Because he is as easily readable as Ovid or Marlowe, USA and many ally gvmt officials, industry proponents, and subsequent technology enthusiasts all copied him often without realizing his unwritten bargain. Until this decade, WWI and WW2 Veterans were around to prevent WMDs from being researched. They did not wish to educate their kids about such traumatic risks though.
The solution is to use McLuhan to create new veterans from immersive simulations. Many new VR and associated technologies are the most important investments there are. Also, education and environment matter; USA military college is not enough to counter inferior such backgrounds, nor is having a risk-knowledgeable father enough to counter free trade of WMDs. You would not want Oculus rift to advance far enough to enable unknowingly giving out classified info, but Ready Player One is the only future that exists. It must make new Veterans and these individuals must be neuro-imaged to power instead of text-addicts.


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