Ukrainian - Russian War Memes.


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That was a good haka. The haka in this incidence is honouring the Ukrainian soldiers that our guys have trained. Haka can be used for a variety of things; as an honour and show of respect, as in this case; as a challenge; as a way to determine if a visitor is a friend or a foe; as an expression of pride in another's achievement; and as a celebration. The words of the haka are important and usually tell a story etc. In the old days they were done before a battle in an attempt to intimidate the enemy. After the battle, more often than not the winners ate the losers and / or took them into slavery. Old day battles between Maori were very personal with it ll being hand to hand and projectile weapons were used until the arrival of the Europeans and Americans with muskets. Once my ancestors got their hands on muskets it all changed and much slaughter ensued. One of my ancestors was on a raid where they took 1,000 prisoners alive, ate 300 with the remainder being enslaved.

In 1915 at Gallipoli the haka was first performed on a northern hemisphere battlefield when the Maori Pioneers eliminated some Turkish outposts and sentry positions, at night, before the assault on Chunuk Bair. The first that the surviving Turks knew that Maori were amongst them was when each party did a blood curdling haka upon completion of its mission. It's only since 2015 that the Turkish govt have allowed haka to be performed at Gallipoli, and then only under strict conditions. In 1941 the Maori Battalion did a mass naked haka in front of the Italian lines in North Africa. They were only armed with the bayonet and the Italians didn't stop running for two days. The Italians were under the impression that the Maori would eat them, which was a story spread by British intelligence behind Italian lines. Today the haka is most famously done by the All Blacks rugby team.


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The head of Wagner is commenting on the recent drone attacks on Moscow, in his usual dry, objective style, using highly diplomatic language.

My favorite quote: "As a citizen I am deeply outraged that these scumbags calmly sit on their fat asses smeared with expensive creams".
My recommendation to Mr. Prighozin: stay away from windows and tea.