The Tactics and Strategy of the Australian Light Infantry in Counter-Revolutionary Op


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I came across this on another forum, I found it very interesting read. It is based on counter-revolutionary warfare doctrine by the British forces from the Malayan Emergency (1948–60) and how the 1ATF used then in Sth Vietnam.

It makes me wonder much of it is still valid considering our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and perhaps any new involvement in Africa, also under Plan Beersheba and the new land 400 vehicle fleet.

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An interesting read. I am not sure if patrolling, sight unseen, and the ambush techniques would apply to the non-jungle environment of Afghanistan. The 1ATF jungle navigation skills seem to have been a huge advantage for them whereas the VC had to rely on their vulnerable track system. Too bad 1ATF's techniques couldn't be adopted by the South Vietnamese forces. Perhaps it would have a difference in the outcome.