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Tactical advice please

Discussion in 'Strategy & Tactics' started by Pirx, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. Pirx

    Pirx New Member

    Nov 9, 2012
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    Hello all,

    I hope this is the right forum for this. If not I'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction. Perhaps there are even other websites where this question would be better placed.

    I am writing a book about a soldier/warrior in which I want to integrate a training sequence with certain tactical conditions. Basically I am thinking of a sort of fortress with five teams of about thirty people trying to conquer and/or hold it. Since I have practically no tactical experience I would appreciate any pointers as to how this might work out. Perhaps I should explain in a little more detail the tactical situation as I conceived it.

    The fortress is round with four entrances and four towers, each tower having two entrances inside the fortress walls (I am not yet sure how large the fortress should be, but I would think on the small side). There is no possibility to close the entrances except perhaps blocking them with something makeshift, like lumber from neighboring woods, and it is questionable wether one of the teams would ever have time to chop down trees etc. The towers are connected with bridges that meet in the middle, where the "flag" is. This fortress is supposed to be easy to conquer, hard to defend.

    The teams consist of approximately 30 people each, armed with rifles and handguns, no other weapons are allowed (They aren't allowed to drop rocks from the towers or anything like that) and they have no large equipment, only basics. The training sequence would go on for three days. The team which has their flag in the middle longest overall wins. The teams must first march to the fortress, so it's also about who gets there first, wether two teams get there at the same time, wether a third team can pick people off that are fighting etc. Yes, I know, chaos. :)

    To that extent it is also a question of strategy, wether a team plans to hold back and first let the others weaken each other, having marched slower and being less tired as a consequence etc.

    Each team has a chosen leader, who has access to records of previous exercises of this kind, so I am assuming they are all more or less savvy tacticians in this situation. The leaders have had the opportunity to talk it through with their teams, though no one has practice at the actual site. All the combatants are very well trained soldiers, and the teams have trained together in a general way, but they haven no real combat experience.

    So, what would a professional tactician do in a situation like this? Are there things about this situation which I am not seeing that simply wouldn't work? What are possible tactical scenarios that might unfold as the training sequence progresses?

    Sorry about this huge post, and thanks in advance for your ideas.

  2. HAWX

    HAWX New Member

    Jan 7, 2013
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    Some random HUGE island in the Oceanic region I gu
    Well, for starters, I wouldn't use my entire team of 30 to go after the fortress. I'd take 15 people and have some of them set up observation posts. They would gather intelligence on basic things... I.E: Guard movements, fortress weakpoints, what the other teams are doing in terms of capturing the base, where the flag is, what is the best point-of-entry, should we use stealth? Speed? Or go in with a bang.

    After a few hours, I'd have around 5 people make a move on the fortress. Sneaking up to the entrance would be three people, while the other two sneak into the fortress another way. (Perhaps using rope to get over the walls) - They would go in, replace the flag, and stay there, to defend it. Once word gets out the flag has been replaced, 10 people will move in, and take the fortress over.

    First they would take out as many hostiles as possible surrounding the fortress, clearing a path to the entrance. The 5 already there, will take out as many on the inside as possible. After all of this, 20 people will sweep through the fortress to make sure that nobody is there, while four people surround the fortress, with the cover of some small self-made trenches. Another four will set up sniping points on-top of the fortress, even though the fact that there using ordinary rifles rather than rifles fitted out for sniping purposes, it will still create an effective way to observe enemy activity. 6 guards will organize a routine for patrolling the in/outskirts of the fortress. I would develop forms of communication to warn others of a potential threat etc...

    I'd also blow some small holes in the upper-walls so shoot out of :p

    I'd have 'ammunition stations' in areas around the fortress, right where the guards walk past, aswell as for the snipers. :hitwall :cool:
  3. EXSSBN2005

    EXSSBN2005 New Member

    Jul 31, 2010
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    Middle of the Ocean going 2kts to nowhere.
    so.... are they killing each other or is this a simulated event with say paintballs or miles gear or the like, I'm thinking if I were a team leader I would set up in 1-2 towers with 2 teams of 10 and keep 1 team in the woods near by to act as a relief force and pick off the other advacing teams by splitting my woods teams into 2 man sniper/spotter teams, how much or a killing zone around the towers to the woods, whats the terrain like, what type of weather / climate are we looking at? Pines or deciduious or palm trees? Is there a food catche or something else that would need to be guarded and how large is the total arena size? streams or other bodies of water could also be vital areas to guard / secure / ambush. could teams arriving say 2nd and 3rd team up vs team1 sniping them out of the towers with 1 team while team 3 sets up ambushes for team 4-5 who also might team up, how would you prevent creating super teams in this way? This post was probably missed and could get interesting hope it doesn't get orphaned.