Su-57: Judging it by its intended role


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Following Mod team discussion, the thread has been reopened, with the following caveats.

The thread topic is the Su-57 and it's intended role, which means more general discussion of IADS topics like the role of GBAD, air-centric IADS, etc. is Off Topic and therefore prohibited. A new thread should be up shortly specifically to discuss IADS,

Further it seems that reiterating Forum Rules 4 & 5 is needed, as describing defense personnel as "medically interesting individuals" unless one is both qualified to make such a medical assessment and has examined the personnel so described, or one has access to the results of such an examination, is to denigrate those personnel, presumably to minimize or cast doubt on materials those personnel might have generated. Members are free to disagree and attack the arguments others make about defense topics, but attack the argument and not the poster or author of material one disagrees with. Attempts to use belittling tactics will draw a harsh response from members of the Mod team.
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The recent Su-57 RCS simulation certainly suggest that it won't do well against ground based radar