Some pictuers about my hometown ChengDu


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oh man i missed china, it's been almost 6 years since the last time i went back to see my grandparents. Chengdu is indeed a very nice city, many historic sites but does not have as many modern areas as Shanghai or Guangzhou.

and i love those spicy food, it really give your appetite a good kick.


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Holy &#^$!! China certainly looks much more awesome than Canada (at least all of what I've seen here in Canada) - not to offend die-hard Canadians. Canada is beautiful but like, lack of government spending on beautification and stuff, is having quite a detrimental effect, even on Toronto!! :(


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Excellent pictures Zhangk. Enjoyed them as they loaded.

If you can, please try to break your replies into 2/3 when you have too many pictures. Just a suggestion.

Good stuff!


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Of coz~~CAC/Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation~~FC-1/JF-17 & 611 Aircraft Design Institute ~~~J-10[Test pilot Col. Lei Qiang is my father's best friend] :D: :D: :D: :p :smokingc: