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Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) News and Discussions

Discussion in 'Air Force & Aviation' started by John Fedup, Jun 16, 2015.

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  1. John Fedup

    John Fedup Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2013
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    Vancouver and Toronto
    @Novascotiaboy ..regarding the Canadian government and Vance’s mess, totally agree. I simply can’t agree on the Gripen as a fighter choice even for a tier 2 fleet. I don’t know what a fully tricked out Gripen would cost if built in Sweden but I am guessing well above the half value of a F-35. If Bombardier were to build them, the cost WILL be higher. For the sake of getting more jets, we get an alternative with less range, less, payload, no stealth, and no advanced sensor fusion. Even as a short term stopgap and perhaps partnering on future euro projects, it is a questionable choice.

    Saab is mentioned as a possible partner in the UK’s Tempest project. For Canada this may be more viable than joining the French-German-Spanish project. Placing a Gripen order for a big role in Tempest seems attractive but that’s not unlike our investment in the JSF program. We may piss away money and then some future junior may run away from ordering anything and we are stuck using obsolete Gripen for the next 40 years. The other option is partnering with the Japanese now that Mitsubishi owns Bombardier’s regional jet business. Add in submarine collaboration and that could be interesting.
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  2. Novascotiaboy

    Novascotiaboy Active Member

    Jun 11, 2016
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    Nova Scotia
    OPSSG with all due respect the way things are done here military wise will make you think we are all crazy. Canada’s entire military needs to be rights sized for all three branches and coordinated instead of the three independent silos that they are. Cold War thinking permeates the whole force.

    We have at best a token force to contribute to any operation.

    Two CC150 MRTT and six KC130H tankers isn’t going to sustain much of an operation even if they were all available.

    80 km south of Victoria BC is NAS Whidbey Island with more Super Hornets than we have operational F18 classics. Our F18s are located in north east Alberta and no where land Central Quebec. Far and away from any adversary. If we do deploy a combat force it will be a six pack at most although we did provide a full squadron of 24 to the first gulf war.

    We have 12 surface combatants. 7 east and five west. Looking at the Halifax base there is lots of scaffolding on at least three. Two are deployed or about to deploy overseas. No support ship and maybe a single submarine but I haven’t seen it to know it’s here. Maybe it’s submerged. Lol.

    There is no regular force Army presence west of the Rocky Mountains. Major army bases are in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Nine battalions total. 40 deployable Leopard 2s. No organic naval transport capability to move army equipment. No SHORADS since the Javelin, ADATS and Blowpipes were retired. 35 mm Orelikons stored somewhere. One off Textron TAPVs bought by us and no one else when we could have had Bushmasters or anything else. The list goes on.

    The public concern for defence in this country is NIL. in Singapore you have a far different political and defence thought process.

    The F35 debacle is all about political face saving. In all reality the cost of the aircraft won’t matter because of the industrial offsets which will double the cost to the taxpayer.

    A look at the acquisition of COTS trucks to replace the Bombardier built M35s is an example worth noting. These International Workstar trucks were bought for domestic use never to be deployed yet during recent exercises in Norway what can you see departing a landing craft but a flat deck International. Why has this happened? Because everything else is clapped out and the new MILSPEC Kerax isn’t inservice in numbers yet. And just a note about the Kerax. For a truck that was supposed to be assembled in Quebec I see some lot of them being flat decked out of Halifax headed out of province.

    With an election coming in the fall there will be little defence discussion in this country. Once the dust has settled we will get down to studying every procurement project until the next election so we can kick the projects down the road yet again.

    Yep I am a jaded man. I grew up in a military family. Listened to the stories told around the kitchen table of men now mostly gone, my father included, many who rose to general rank in the reserve army militia of eastern Canada.

    In my time the only CDS that has made a difference and left a mark on the military was Rick Hillier. Oh how we could use his leadership today. And surprisingly he was a liberal appointment.
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