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The Bunker Group

This you tubers video seems frm some Pinoy that claim using Max Defense source. Basically it talk on PAF process for Multi Role Fighters (MRF), that switch from F-16V to Gripen C/D.

In short this video claims that the MRF budget of USD 1.3 bio or 61 bio Philipine Pesos. That budget can't reach 71 bio pesos offer from LM. The other option of more FA-50 or Gripen being revisited, then Gripen is the choice.

It's not official yet on this choice of MRF, and we know how Pinoy can change their defense procurement policies faster then anyone in region. However despite this video obvious claim on benefits of Gripen operation for PAF, for me they should used the money for more FA-50. Add another 24 of FA-50, add more GCI Radar to improve radar coverage of Philipines. They need more Patrol capabilities, and more FA-50 can be more beneficials.

Anyway just entertaining video in my opinion on recent drama in Philipines defense procurement.