Pakistan is Suffering the most


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All along the Durand Line and around the tribal region Pakistan has poured its forces in hundreds of thousand numbers aided with different bands of local militias to tackle with the situation in neighbourhood and defend the area against cross border raids. Many markets have been destroyed and bazars closed for years destroying the economy and very living of the poor tribal folk. Moreover, the trees are lavishly being cut for utility and forests are gradually being washed off. Wild animals having their habitat destroyed are getting to the edge to extinct. The money U.S is advertizing to pay the country is like buying a decorated coffin for the nation.


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The term for that pain is "blowback".

The countries who have the ability to help Pakistan with their problems will not do so while the people who sheltered OBL are still in positions of power in the Pakistan government and security establishment.
The people of Pakistan need to remove those traitors before anyone will seriously help them.


Pakistan military is doing the best it can will the problem they have. Alot people don't understand how complex it is. I want said Pakistan has lost alot soldiers and civilian when it went after the tribal areas. I want to say one thing the Pakistan military has suffer alot it has weak defense system on the border with Afghanistan. If you look at the Pakistan military there resources are gear toward India in word to defend against India so most of the defense system are toward India. The main goal of the military is the disputed area of in northern Pakistan with India. Overall Pakistan us suffering the most.