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Talking fuel prices I was dropping a customers car off to them today and got a shock, either the petrol station rorting the system or more likely some one stuffed up by unleaded was 9.999 a litre ... but the premium was 2.359 lol.
The premium price seems to be similar to Toronto prices, perhaps somewhat lower. When flying back to Toronto from Abbotsford, BC, an Alberta conola/wheat farmer told me diesel prices were getting brutal.


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Petrol $2.20-2.30L here in South East Brisbane, Diesel $2.30-2.40. Australian Farmers get a Tax break for Diesel here in Australia, but we are still seeing the cost of Diesel reflecting on the Super Market shelves.


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Maybe but animal feed prices aren’t too nice either. BTW, what are petrol prices in NZ? Toronto has 2.01/ litre, lower Fraser valley in BC, 2.09, and Vancouver 2.29. Diesel is 2.49 in Vancouver.
Here in Christchurch and depends upon where you go. We're a cheaper part of the country for motion lotion.
91 Octane = $2.82 / litre - $3.11 / litre
95 Octane = $2.92 / litre - $3.32 / litre
98 Octane = $3.33 / litre - $3.41 / litre
100 Octane = $3.14 / litre - $3.32 / litre

Diesel = $2.57 / litre - $3.40 / litre. Plus diesel vehicle owners must pay road users charges that is calculated on vehicle type and use, and is paid either for time or for mileage. It is quite expensive.