Need help finding the family of a Finnish soldier


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Lauri Allan Törni or the Americanized Larry Thorne, fought in the Finnish Army, Waffen SS and later in the U.S Army in Vietnam. He was killed in action in Vietnam while serving in SOG in a supposed helicopter "accident". He is the only Waffen SS soldier to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

His last known home town was Norwalk, Connecticut. The town has been searching for any of his relatives. His remains have been identified in 2003. If any one can point us in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. He has a plaque in Norwalk, CT.



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Hi, this is more of an international centric forum rather than an American one. You could try the American veterans associations for help and advice. They're usually pretty good at this from what I understand. You could also see if you could access his USDOD records to see who he had listed as his next of kin. With regard to Finnish family you would best to make contact with the Finnish Embassy in Washington and ask if they are able to put you in contact with an organisation in Finland that will be able to help you.

Good luck with your search.