My collection of diecast fighter aircraft & helicopters!


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Hi all, I am a massive collector of diecast aircraft models and want to share just a portion of my collection with you.

Take a look at some of my models, fighter aircraft and helicopters! I also have a range of commercial aircraft too which are just as great!

I am super happy with these models, mainly from my favourite online shop
Lets see your collections people!! What is your favourite scale size of aircraft to collect? Do you also collect Helicopters like myself?

Would love to hear from you all and see your opinions on this!!

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@militaryairman Welcome to the forum. We look forward to your contributions. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the rules. Your collection looks impressive and whilst I don't collect myself, I do look forward to some more photos, being an aircraft nutter myself.


..I had a model of a Tarawa class LHA.....I got home one day and the wife and kids said the dog broke it !!!! ....I've got to make another one ....I was on the LHA USS Nassau
..I made models as a kid, but like a lot of things at our house, they never stayed ''unbroken'''


Cheers, I have a modest diecast collection myself - mostly 1/72 RNZAF and some RAAF (not many models of those from manufacturers, thus the modesty ;)). Your pics look like they are all IXO/Amercom brands, many of which were released attached to newsagent magazines a few years ago. If you're after better quality models with aircrew figures, suggest search for Hobby Master, Corgi, Dragon and Witty wings (though can be hard to find)