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The version of MLG27 (i.e. the standard 27mm guns used on German ships) that was just ordered for F126, MLG27-4.0 SeaSnake, is apparently being marketed by Rheinmetall "as a CIWS" since 2020.

The software for it - compared to previous versions - includes an autonomous target detection and multiple-target tracking mode which with man-in-the-loop fire confirmation will automatically combat incoming "both asymmetric threats including swarm tactics as well as highly agile, dynamic threats" (i.e. against missiles). Earlier versions of MLG27 could only track singular targets automatically, but they had to be found and marked by the operator first.

Due to its provenance as a light caliber gun it can do a bit more than other CIWS systems of similar caliber of course. Other modi include high-precision single shot, switchable bursts of any length between 5 and 170 rounds (the first version of MLG27 had preset 11 or 22 round bursts) as well as the possibility of indirect fire to externally provided coordinates with both point and area automatic fire modes.


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LIG Nex1 already shown the design of this CIWS II, in last MADEX, as developed from Dutch Goalkeeper (in which ROKN use before). Now seems in MADEX 2023, they got traction from ROKN as customer on using that for their new platforms.

ROK is not the first one that develop their CIWS from Goalkeeper. That's being done by Chinese before. They are using Goalkeeper as base for Type 730 but also develop further with Type 1130 (picture from Chinese online sites).


One thing for sure just like goalkeeper, those CIWS whether Chinese or ROK ones are bulky and heavy. However as the Korean Defense blog put, question on bigger calibre then 20mm used on more compact phalanx, being considered as 20mm not enough for multiple threats including handing surface drones and small attacks boats.

Looking on the latest CIWS development from Frenchie and German, seems that's being considered by others too.
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Yes the LIG NEX 1 30mm CIWS looks like a very good CIWS and quite capable. It has a phased array radar, from memory, and the 30mm round is far more effective than the 20mm round.