Influence of war on our society


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Hi there

I've been here before, but using a user name I forgot and a password I have no clue about. (Gmail couldn't help me either).

Anyways. During the next few months I'll be working on a 12-25 page essay about "the influence of war on society -or how WW1 gave birth to plastic surgery" (still a working title). It will be worth 25% of my A-Level equivalent, thus very important to me.

In this case, technological stuff is of no importance. I chose plastic surgery, after visiting the exhibition "faces of battle" in the national army museum in London. Truly impressive and gives me a chance to have a rant about people having their noses done, etc.

Other subjects will include Dada-ism and Surrealism. Art of course being an integral part of how we live.

So, what do you think? How did and does war influence society? The past, the present and future.

Thanks for your help.



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Influence of war on society

Hi - I am a U.S. State Department Registered Arms/Military Supplies/Defense Technology Broker based in New York.

I believe that war is an equalizing factor and is akin to settling land as well as other issues by and between different factions/nations when talks and diplomacy fails - in other words, it is as normal and healthy as anything else, and it is as old as Humanity.

Provided of course that the Victor lives to settle the new terrain and influence the Vanquished.

That's why I am completely against Nuclear or Chemical/Biological Warfare.

History is written by the Winners, not the Losers.


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If your opinion holds true then why should we have rules governing warfare?

And that having been said, your theory privileges the militarily strong over the weak. In other words, those with a weakness in conventional arms will not only not like your theory of war, but will also have the added incentive of developing NBC weapons as a deterrent. Perfect example: DPRK.


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Exactly, if the world followed the theory of the 'smooth operator' then almost every single country would be nuclear armed.


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Wars' influence. Well, let's see....economies, population control and control of certain peoples and their products. Influence in a region to 'control' situations that might develop into bigger and more costly wars.

In America, wars are creating society units that seldom understand each other...Vets and duty militray and those who would never fight for their country, the special brainy types. This creates a political quagmire for those different ideas and approaching people at all. It's becoming more and more like a 'tribal' mentality....and you had better be in the correct tribe at the exact location where they are located. Many people carry weapons and have a tendency to utilize them when proked or in self-defense. It has defined who America is today...good or bad....anyway, one cares to call it !


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Struggle usually results in progress. If and that's a big IF struggle or in a larger scale, war, will cease to exist humanity will likely stagnate. Anything related to struggle such as his sense of passion will neuter and such our nature that make us human might collapse. Its a process of irony that results in mankind's deformity and moral depravity. ie. (Tolerating evil instead of conquering it.)