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In need of some tactics advice! Planning a scene!

Discussion in 'Strategy & Tactics' started by hawky94, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. hawky94

    hawky94 New Member

    Aug 28, 2011
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    Hi all,

    I thought I'd pick your brains with my current predicament.

    I'm writing a military fiction novel, and I've come across a bit of an issue.

    So, let me try to explain the situation in as much detail as possible, in order for you guys to dissect and better assist me!

    We have my main character - a former SAS Captain, he's picked up by the Security Services after an operation goes wrong, and while he's still in the SAS at this point - his career is in serious jeopardy and he's facing charges of disobeying a direct order, not following protocol, etc.

    Anyway, the deal that he's made with a super-secret, non-existent arm of the British Security Services - called the Covert Operations Group, is this... Help them out on a mission, they get him out of jail and back to where he was before the whole incident... An outstanding officer with a promotion to Major on the horizon, and in general, a bright career ahead of him.

    His first operation with the Covert Operations Group is back to Afghanistan to rescue a British journalist being held by the Taliban. Unfortunately, this journalist is also wanted by the CIA - she has some dirt on them and they want to keep her quiet, along with whatever dirt she has. She's a freelancer, and recently stumbled upon a top-secret operation carried by the Covert Operations Group - a mission into Iran to assassinate a top nuclear scientist.

    Her plan is to run with the story and expose the true nature of the Covert Operations Group - a unit that officially doesn't exist. The British want to shut her up, too. But, they cannot allow a British national to be taken by the CIA, and they also want to free her from the clutches of the Taliban.

    Anyway, the operation. This is where I'm struggling. Both with the specifics of the operation, and the kit itself - the names of the kit, what everything's called, etc.

    I envision it as thus: she is being held in one of three buildings in a compound. The team of four will insert in via helicopter a few kilometres from the target compound. They will then tab the extra few kilometres to an observation post, where they will link up with the four members of the team - who were inserted 72 hours earlier, and acting as intelligence gatherers, relaying their findings to a FOB. Where the four members will reside until orders are given to commence the operation.

    In terms of the terrain, I'm planning on having two snipers on over-watch, so perhaps the compound is surrounded by hills?

    The compound itself is well-fortified, and is rectangular in shape. It has four PKM machine gun nests, as well as buildings which exceed the height of the walls to act as look out spots.

    Weaponry of the Fire Team:

    8 x M4 assault rifles - equipped with a torch, night-vision-scope.
    8 x USP pistols
    1 x M67 fragmentation grenades - per man.
    2 x M84 flashbang grenades - per man.
    C4 explosive - to make explosive entry into the compound initially.


    - The eight-man team can call upon British Special Forces elements located in the area at any time, should they need assistance. And, one Apache attack helicopter will also be on standby, although this is a last resort.

    What do you all think of my visions/plans for the operation? What are the flaws, things to iron out? What about the kit?

    Do you guys have any other suggestions? Questions?

    Many thanks! :)
  2. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay New Member

    Feb 23, 2015
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    New York, USA
    I'm a fellow author. Greetings! Your predicament is one I do myself in many times as well. Here are a couple of humble ideas from me:

    (1. Perhaps the team that was inserted 72 hours early could provide the sniper over watch?

    (2. The team could try to run silent and undetected. But what if, say 2 guys, manned a GPMG. They could set up a little ways away from the planned entrance route. On a signal, they would open up, providing both a distraction and heavy suppressive fire against the Taliban. The assault team would run in while everyone is distracted and rushin I meet the "threat" of the machine gun. With 2 snipers on overwatch, I think this could work. The assault team would meet minimal resistance. There's lots of noise and chaos to mask their movement. They have two snipers to help them if they run into trouble.
    I whipped out this post on my iPhone, so this was all off the top of my head. I'll give more later.
  3. Adarsh Singh

    Adarsh Singh New Member

    Apr 4, 2015
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    new delhi
    Hi i'm jus new on this site , here are my some of the strategies:-
    i)Those who had reached 72 Hrs earlier can provide a good sniper point as they already have some Intel items and info of area.
    ii)if the apache helicopter is equipped with some AGM's then it could provide some artillery support to rest of friendlies .
    iii)It sure that the second troop could breach easily if the CIA also enters at same time as there will be hustle and bustle in that area.
    Anyway the situation given is difficult To overcome as There are two opposers for Completing mission.