Hello from New Zealand


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Kia-Ora , My name is Rayna and I am 22.

I am Currently studying at AUT doing a degree in business majoring in Employment Relations/Human Resources and Commercial law looking to do a law degree in the future or maybe a masters in ER not sure yet. No idea I will figure out that when that piece of paper is in my hand and I have no idea what to do.

As most other Kiwis, Love rugby follow the All Blacks and cheer them on. To the aussies here... HA HA (A late laugth from last weeks game)

Don't get me started about the rugby league... We are seriously sucking I haven't watch a full game of league for a long.. long time.

I do Krav Maga, an Israeli tactical defense system being doing that for about a year. I am enjoying it and learning a lot before i started I didn't even know how to punch, been shooting I loved it and pretty good. Although i'm still quite the pacifist. Shooting seems easy. Fighting seems hard :p

I enjoying Traveling, been to LA, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Fiji, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Caledonia. I am hoping to add Israel on that list at some point.

I have always been a huge supporter for the military/special forces. My hat goes off to them and whoever is looking on here. I defiantly could never do what you do. Not that I am lacking the balls just that I'm lacking much else.

So yeah, I could really waffle on for ages... So I will let my intro finish at that.