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First of the three Potsdam class offshore patrol vessels of the German Coastguard has set sail with its new 57mm gun mounted. Additionally two pintle mounts for .50cal MGs were installed. The other two ships will receive the same modification sometime next year.

First German armed coastguard vessel since the Federal Borderguard was converted into the Federal Police in 1997. The three new 2,000-ton ships with a crew of 14 (!) also carry a pair of interceptor RHIBs, can accomodate a Super Puma helo and have a flex deck for five containers for mission-specific equipment. They're a slightly enlarged version of the OPV80 ships sold to the Colombian and Chilean Navies.


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The German Army has been planning to reintroduce brigade artillery as part of their Division 2027 concepts and general expansion of combat ability.

By now the artillery men have had their pow-wow, and have came up with what they want.

Basically, what they want it:
  • Keep the current battalions - including their locations - and expand them into regiments.
  • Assign three of these regiments to a division each, with different readiness-to-deploy times in line with them.
  • Each regiment provides for its division
    • one "divisional artillery group" (DAG) that is basically what the battalions are now (2 howitzer, one rocket battery plus a battery for UAVs and COBRA)
    • three "brigade artillery groups" (BAG) with two howitzer batteries forming battalion-level units, one for each brigade (plus JFST platoons for non-infantry combat battalions of that brigade - infantry battalions have these embedded)
  • The fourth current battalion would become "corps artillery" as a rocket artillery battalion
The concept is pretty close to US Army Cold War DIVARTY.

Of course we don't have the equipment for that. The notional idea is that the BAGs get the existing ca 120 PzH2000 assigned (except BAGs supporting infantry brigades) and that the DAGs get the current ca 36 GMLRS launchers.

In addition the concept calls for:
  • procurement of a medium-range precision strike missile system (300+ km range, four batteries) for the corps artillery
  • procurement of around 100 additional wheeled self-propelled howitzers that would equip the remaining batteries in BAG and DAG
  • procurement of AT2 rocket replacement (remote-emplaced minefields) for DAG
  • pretty heavy use of reservists in filling up posts (somewhere around 30% cadred/inactive for call-up)