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I am not going to harp on about this. Yesterday I was in a cafe reading this forum. I got cocky and I wrote a message. My facts were either half truths or wrong. If I had been at my desktop I would of double checked my sources and posted links. Anyway that has been dealt with and RIP. This is the background to my question.

The majority of my posts I put in links. I do the for two reasons 1. It keeps everybody happy. 2. I don't want to write a long piece repeating information that is already there in the sourced material.

I read alot of post here and sometimes I see messages with no links. From that I gather that if you are stating something of general knowledge, discussed frequently etc. in didn't need a link. Obviously if are writing about something technical like Hypersonics then link the sources. Is this a wrong assumption?

This is the only forum or social media I do. I have a passion for this subject. Yesterday people said I was trolling. I don't troll intentionally or unintentionally. I don't want to be controversial, personal, political, malicious, support right/left wing nut jobs or write if I'm angry. If I did any of these I would class myself as trolling. Yesterday's message had none of these traits. Please define what is the Defence Talk Forums definition of a troll. How did I fit that profile

I'm writing to share this experience and hopefully educate someone else not to make my mistake. I know I unintentionally sent a troll message. Being a newbie I don't know what I did. All I know is I don't want to repeat this error again.
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As I have said in previous post this was a learning curve. I didn't initially understand what I did. I sought advise so I didn't repeat my mistake.

Trolling could be a malicious language. In my case I wrote unintentional BS. BS is a forum of trolling on this forum. I have learn't not to take a leisurely punt on what I know. In future I will take more care with my sources.

Finally thanks to the forum moderators and members for the likes and advise.