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Source: NZDF.

This is the NZDF contingent at Sunday 5/6/2022 Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant Parade in London. The Maori taua (warrior group) leading the contingent was made up of NZDF personnel and made an impression on the locals. Word through back channels has it that they also made an impression on the Canadian Defence group who participated in the Parade. They were quite impressed with how the Maori culture was very much evident within NZDF and how the taua was received. There was talk from the Canadians that they may have to look at inclusion of First Nations culture in their Forces ceremonial at least. It does stand out and differentiate you as a group in such a setting, but including such a cultural dimension within your military also adds a new dimension that improves the military as a group. We have noticed here that the inclusion of Maori cultural activities such as haka, and areas / values such as marae (meeting / gathering areas) have given personnel greater pride in their service and themselves. It would be interesting to see what Canadian Defence comes up with if they decide to follow suite.


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If it is a straight replacement for ADATS its interesting in comparison to what Australia is aiming for.

ADATS if my understanding is correct is VSHORAD so you would have Canada producing a VSHORAD system while Australia as far as I am aware skips VSHORAD and goes straight to SHORAD for $1.5b (NASAMs) , a Medium ranged system (likely Patriot) for $4.9-7.3b and then a ballistic, hypersonic missile defense for $15.8-23.7b
I think ADATS has a maximum range of about 10k, but everyone seems to be replacing SAMs with longer range ones nowadays. The British army & Royal Navy picked CAMM (officially "more than" 25km) to replace Rapier (8km) & Seawolf (10km increased from 6.5), for example, & Italy is replacing Aspide (20-25 km) by CAMM-ER (>40km) in the Spada & Albatros systems. The definitions of short & very short have been changing.