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Ajax going from bad to worse in the UK with real concerns on the project future….

The British army has 30 years of constant cock-ups on AFV procurement. IIRC it was over ten years ago that I added up published figures for spending on not buying AFVs in the previous decade & a bit & got to over a billion quid, & that was an incomplete tally. And then it went for an 'off the shelf' option which required an almost complete redesign & building a new factory, at enormous expense, with negligible prospects of exports. What could possibly go wrong?

JUST BUY SOMETHING THAT WORKS! Do not try to reinvent wheels.


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British Army is seeking an "Armilite" based rifle for it's new Special Operations Brigade (i.e. Ranger Bns), designated as the 'Alternative Individual Weapon (AIW) system
And, before anyone starts with the "They could acquire the US Army NGSW" this is to be a 5.56mm rifle, optimized to use the " L15A2, a 62gr 5.56x45 NATO ball round"
We'll see where this goes as there is a whole horde of possible suppliers out there.
701577419 - Army Special Operations Brigade Rifle Procurement and Support of an Armalite Rifle (AR) platform Alternative Individual Weapon (AIW) System. - Find a Tender
II.2.1) Total quantity or scope ...
Anticipated delivery of the trial AIW Systems to a UK MOD Location is required by December 2021 or March 2022 at the latest.

The AIW system must be optimised to be used with a suppressor fitted as its primary configuration. The AIW system will consist of:

1. A Rifle System (comprising of a Rifle and Signature Reduction System); AND

2. An Optic System

The AIW system will be a 5.56mm Armalite Rifle (AR) platform, optimised for use with L15A2, a 62gr 5.56x45 NATO ball round, equivalent to SS109.

An AR platform is defined as being gas operated with a rotating, locking bolt.

The rifle should have a non-reciprocating charging handle.

The rifle’s controls are to include: a magazine release, working parts release and a rotating selector lever that incorporates a safe setting.

The rifle is to have a standard configuration, not bullpup, with the magwell in-front of the trigger housing.

The rifles upper and lower are to be mated using industry standard pivot / takedown pins located at the front and rear of the lower receiver.

Signature Reduction System:

The Signature Reduction System is to be detachable, to enable the operator to configure the Rifle System to meet operational requirements.

Optic System:

The Optic system is to complement the Rifle and should be ballistically matched to the stated ammunition nature and supplied barrel length.

Alternative Individual Weapon System:

As a complete system, the AIW system is expected to perform consistently regardless of its configuration, i.e. with or without a Signature Reduction Device fitted, across all operational scenarios. ...

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Yep, lots of vendors chopping at the bit. Interesting bullpups are not to be offered. As a leftie, not on my to have list.


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The NZDF uses the LMT M4 rifle across the board and they are very happy with it. It was the winner of a RFT where the submitters weapons were subjected to a very thorough scientific study and assessment by the DTSO. NZDF uses match grade ammo with it. After it entered into service the NZSAS took an interest in the weapon and then adopted it for their use without modification.