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15.5 million a piece, now that's cheap. but then again the Mig-29 wasn't very highly regarded at that time(the SMT has not been develop yet).

and i heard the B-2 bomber is close to 1.2 billion a piece now, worth more than gold in the same weight.


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Re: Aircraft Prices Worldwide in USD. Gripen included.

Instead of writing the whole url just write the URL for the Home Page.


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F-14 is expensive cause its the only aircraft in the world which can carry the longest range active radar guided missile the AIM-54 pheonix which has no match. Also the F-14 D supertomact's "radar" has the ability to jam its oponent's radar. It carries a lot of fuel, missiles and is tasked with a very imp job of protecting the carrier so one can imagine the technology and power put into this huge machine. Not many fighter aircraft with such tremendous capabilities are available for carrier borne operations...

Recently F-14 has been transformed into an excellent strike and reconnaissance platform...

Aircraft prices depend on a lot of things. Isreal for example pays a lot less for what arab country's pay for the same equipment. Then there are offset deals which balance the final price so there r diff factors.