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  1. Mike Wallace

    Great Power Competition

    I searched for content on great power competition (GPC) in the forums but couldn't find any. Its a concept listed in the latestUS National Defense Strategy as the next big thing. The US believes that GPC, not terrorism, is the next threat. A new strategic calculus is developing where China is...
  2. M

    US Military using teleport in Australia

    Is it true the US military has its teleport system based down under? I never thought of it because the US has a lot of teleport systems already. So if the teleport operator's in Australia, what must be the advantages of putting mission critical communications there? The first thing on my mind...
  3. W

    Fighting the Iraq insurgency the savage way.

    Ok lets take a step back when the surge started two years ago. lets say we used a different strategy in fighting the insurgency and militias. lets say we used the extra forces to do these goals: We say that all anti government militias and insurgents are to disarm or be disarmed. If they refuse...