1. DouglasLees

    The Woolly Pully: Any Other Aficionados?

    I am a massive fan of the Woolly Pully military sweater: I have been wearing them since the 70s both for outdoor activities and at home and have quite a big collection of them, which I wear throughout the cool/cold months of the year. Are there any other enthusiasts on this site? (The nearest...
  2. R


    Required for mobile museum exhibition, for free. Service dress uniform. If possible, with hats, gloves, belts, shoes, boots. Size: M or S (170-160cm) to prevent future use or sale of uniforms by size of uniform. Hats must be as small as it requires to be, 39cm (smallest size). Two examples to...
  3. Italian Army Girl

    Italian Army Girl

  4. Swedish Army Recruit

    Swedish Army Recruit

  5. Pakistani soldier

    Pakistani soldier

    A Pakistani soldier talks on a comlink while wearing the new colors of the Pakistani uniform. The soldier is carrying a Pakistani license built G3 rifle with a resin grip and buttstock, which has replaced the old wooden ones. Location is Kashmir sector.