1. Dino van Doorn

    Final flight KC-135 Stratotanker into the USAF Museum

    . The KC-135R joining the collection of the National Museum of the United States Air Force, a/c 60-0329, accomplished an unprecedented refueling operation that saved lives. However, the distinction did not occur during the relative safety of developmental testing. This aircraft will be flown in...
  2. R


    Required for mobile museum exhibition, for free. Service dress uniform. If possible, with hats, gloves, belts, shoes, boots. Size: M or S (170-160cm) to prevent future use or sale of uniforms by size of uniform. Hats must be as small as it requires to be, 39cm (smallest size). Two examples to...
  3. F-104- Museum display

    F-104- Museum display

    This F-104 Starfighter was gifted to Pakistan Air Force by the brotherly country Turkey. The aircraft has served in the Turkish Air Force and is displayed at PAF museum in Karachi.