1. 120mm Armoured Mortar

    120mm Armoured Mortar

    Mock-up of the GDLS/RO Defence 120mm Armoured Mortar System II on an Alvis Warrior chassis.
  2. Armoured Mortar System

    Armoured Mortar System

    RO Defence/GDLS Armoured Mortar System (AMS) II mounted on a MOWAG Piranha 8 x 8.
  3. Sandstorm Attack

    Sandstorm Attack

    US Marines dive for cover during a mortar attack in a sandstorm.
  4. RAF Regiment Mortar

    RAF Regiment Mortar

    Soldiers of the RAF Regiment fire off a mortar flare.
  5. Mortar In Action

    Mortar In Action

    A British Army paratroopers man a moratr in action.