1. Q

    Who's Tank is Top?

    I've been looking into heavy armoured vehicles quite a lot lately, and I've been finding some interesting numbers on various tanks. Now my question is this; In a nutshell, which is the best design currently available, and what improvements might be made in the next 50 years? In this i am...
  2. T

    T-90 in Comparison to Western Armour

    Hey, all. On russian website I've seen too many sayings like "Abrams' piece of crap - T-90 the best". So I was just wondering, is T-90 that great? Because I have a hard time believing it. I'm not saying it's not a good tank - it is. But is it, like the russkies say, best of all? TIA.
  3. Soldier of the Future

    Soldier of the Future

    This handout picture from the Defense Department shows an American soldier with body armour and other enhancements which will increase the effectiveness of the soldier in a battlefield.
  4. British Army Patrol - Basra

    British Army Patrol - Basra

    A British armoured unit patrols a bridge in Basra, Iraq.
  5. British Army Patrol

    British Army Patrol

    An armoured British Army patrol in South Iraq.