1. Boagrius

    Australian Nuclear discussions

    I don't want to side-track here too much but I am genuinely fascinated - does anyone actually know what would need to happen for the RAN to make the jump to SSN's? I mean barring the political aspect I understand that our lack of a nuclear power industry is an obstacle but is it really a bridge...
  2. Todjaeger

    ADF General discussion thread

    With the recent release of the interim ADF Posture Review, it was IMO rightly suggested that a general ADF discussion thread should be created. Having looked at some of the recommendations and how some appear to be tri-service in nature, it seemed like a non-service specific thread would be...
  3. G

    Info for those interested in joining the ADF

    Hey everyone, Ive created this "Lens" about my opinions on the ADF based on my time in the RAAF so far. Ideal for those interested in joining. Feel free to take a look: The Australian Defence Force :)
  4. M

    Australian Army Discussions and Updates

    James Button, London November 24, 2006 HE REMEMBERS every detail: a massive explosion in the helicopter, a smell of cordite, bullets ricocheting off the walls, his door gunner trying to get a shot at their attackers, and his co-pilot noticing blood pooling in his lap and realising he had...