T-155 Panter


T-155 Panter

Barrel Length 52 cal
Barrel Diameter 155 mm
Range 18 km (M107), 30 km (M549A1 (RAP)), 40 km (ERFB/Base Bleed)
Rate of Fire 4-6 rounds/min NORMAL, 3 rounds in 15 sec IMPACT, 2 rounds/min CONTINIOUS
Speed with its own engine(On Asphalt Road) 20 km/h
Speed with its own engine(At Land) 14 km/h
Speed with its own engine(Towed Position) 60 km/h
Maximum Slope Climbing 40%
Crew 5
Max Elevation -3 Degrees/+65 Degrees
Length (On road position) 11.6 m
Height 2.6 m
Motor Type Diesel
Motor Power 110 KW
Total Weight 18000 kg
Barrel Weight 2240 kg
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T-155 (Turkey)
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