Leopard 1T - Volkan Modernization


Leopard 1T - Volkan Modernization

VOLKAN Fire Control System developed by ASELSAN significantly improves the fire control capability of Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).

21st century combat conditions require the ageing Leopard 1 to be upgraded as a new generation war machine, with enhanced fire control capability compatible to the 3rd generation MBTs.

With its contemporary software and hardware integrated capability, VOLKAN Fire Control System provides Leopard 1 MBTs; High First Round Hit Probability, day/night in future combat environment, even in total darkness.

With its modular and flexible structure, VOLKAN also provides enhanced integration baseline on to the other MBTs and similar weapon systems/platforms.
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Leopard-1A1A1 (Turkey)
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