Leopard 1T Modernized by Aselsan


Leopard 1T Modernized by Aselsan

General Specifications
- Two-axis Gun Stabilization,
- Automatic Target Tracking
- Fire Control/Ballistic Computer,
- 2nd Generation High Resolution Thermal Camera,
- Driver’s Night Sight Periscope,
- North Finding and Self-Positioning System,
- Battlefield Command Control Information System,
- Open System Architecture for Future Improvements and new ammunition Types Provides the following capabilities:

-- High first round hit probability
-- Day and night combat capability,
-- On-the-move Firings to the moving targets,
-- Long range identification/recognition/detection of targets,
-- Integration to the existing and new generation battle space command control systems (C4ISR)


- Gunner's Periscope System
- Commander's Control Display
- Muzzle Reference System
- Fire Control System Command Unit
- Fire Control Computer
- Ammunition Selection Unit
- Inclinometer
- Meteorological and Ammunition Temperature Sensor
- Turret Azimuth / Gun Elevation Position Encoders
- North Finding And Self-Positioning System
- Power Distribution Unit
- Gunner’s Additional Command Unit
- Gunner’s And Commander’s Handles
- Driver’s Night Sight Periscope
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