X-37 - The first military space plane?


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He tends to appear when the conversation gets interesting, averaging ~30 posts per year over the last 10+ years. Dated, its a relative term, the items being discussed are often 30+ year into the future for mainstream. Just be cause the posts may be 3 or 5 years old, doesn't make them any less accurate. I still go back an re-read his posts from years ago when I have an interesting line of thought about a particularly cryptic post.

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depends on the subject matter, hypersonics, combat systems, +gen combat air systems, compound armour.... he's the man

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The X-37 has landed after 717 days in space. The link speculates on three possible roles for this vehicle. Hopefully the third (the most unlikely) role is in fact something that will be possible down the road. Can't help but think of how the space shuttle saved the Hubble telescope. With the upcoming launch of the Webb space telescope, having a space vehicle that could update/fix it robotically would be a great insurance policy for future expensive space kit.



They were tossing around the idea of a X-37C some years back.Basically an automated bus to shuttle astronauts to and from the ISS but no doubt the basic platform would have been customizable for more nefarious;) undertakings. IMO it would be quite handy to have a space 'pickup truck' going forward.


It doesn't capture my Imagination much as it once did... Nowadays I follow Space -X, Blue Origin and other private space pioneers to get my space tech fix. Musk's Starship makes that thing look like a guppy. LOL