'Wildcats' NH90 NFH & AS532U2 Cougar - Refueling at FARP Charlie


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In the weeks from October 31 to November 18, 2022, the exercise Falcon Autumn 2022 took place in the Netherlands. More than 1,000 soldiers took part in this exercise, who were also supported by an amount of 37 helicopters. During Falcon Autumn, the Dutch armed forces train together with other countries to prepare for large-scale airborne operations in which various units of both the air force and the army work closely together. The participating soldiers are from the 11th Airmobile Brigade & the Defense Helicopter Command from the Netherlands, the United States Army Europe based in Germany and the Polish armed forces. In this video a NH90 NFH and a AS532U2 Cougar which came in to refuel on the RARP in the field.