What does NZ need to have a better defence?

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New Zealand has(or will have by 2007) the following( if the info is slightly wrong please let me know, its off the top of my head)

Land Forces
105 fighting vehicles(LAV's)
332 LOVs (pinzers)
28 105mm artillary
50? 81mm morters
mistril manpads
24 Javilin anti-armour weapons
84mm Carl Guistafs
Browning 50cals

2 Frigates
2 OPV's-85m
1 MRV-131m
1 Replenish-39m
1 Survey-64m
1 mine/diving
4 Patrol-55m
1 Survey motor boat
2 Landing Craft
Various training

5 Hercules C-130
6 P-3 Orions
2 757
12 NH90
Light Helis
5 seaspite helis
12 Stunt planes

I would like to know the views of the the views of the NZDF people have, considering we are a small country with no threat. A country like Canada has 650 LAV's and 35million people and no threat, a country like us(NZ) has 105 LAV's and 4million people and no threat. When people express there views about our defence they forget we are a small country. A country as small as us with no threat has a good DF.

I think NZ needs

12 LAV 105's
12 air defence LAV's

1 frigate
Better armed OPV's.-OTO Melera 76mm cannon,Phalanx,2 25mm cannons(one on each side) 2 twin 12.5" torp tubes.

20 F-16D's
10 Tiger AAH

That only costs around 2.5 billion, not to bad for the improvement of the Defence.

PLease express your views of the NZDF.



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