Visit Tokyo for 2020 Olympics - Introduction

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Hello Defence Talk Community,

I am an American artist, USN Navy Corpsman Vet and a documentarian. My wife is an educator in Japan and we are currently living in Tokyo. By grace I have been given the opportunity to film and interview coaches and athletes for the Olympics and possibly for the Rugby World Cup starting later this year.

This is a very rare occasion of me sharing my personal thoughts and cause in a forum.

The current suicide deaths in our hometown Kissimmee, Florida have affected us tremendously in the past few days. I felt inclined to come forward here to direct your attention to the American Art Therapy Assoc. They have been around 50 years and it breaks our hearts to know that for this fiscal year, only 59 souls have supported their cause. My wife and I are not asking for donations but thank each and everyone of you for reading this introduction letter and considering to at least check out their campaign.

If you would like to check our work it is found on our team's Instagram page: @lodi.thaddeus

Most of what we share is non-commissioned work; we do it for the love of photography and film-making. If you are around Tokyo please do say hello to us so we can accommodate your travel questions and concerns. Most importantly, thank you to all who have served and for everyone who supports troops all of the world .


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